Assisted Living vs. Nursing Homes

Assisted Living vs. Nursing Homes…

There is a difference

Research suggests that many people think they need they need nursing homes for their older loved ones when in fact assisted living is the much better option.  Usually a assessment by an administrator or some type of medical professional is how they determine the best kind of care needed.  However there are some general differences that can be drawn between assisted living and nursing homes.

Assisted living residents are mainly independent.  Usually assisted living residents may need help with some light  daily personal care such as personal grooming and dressing, while nursing home residents are more likely to need 24-hour assistance with most all daily activities.
Assisted living residents are mobile, while those who are bed ridden usually should choose a nursing home

Assisted living home residents generally have a single or semi-private room similar to nursing homes but require much less assistance.
Nursing home residents require fully staffed, skilled nursing and medical attention on a 24 hours while assisted living residents are more stable and do not need ongoing medical attention.

Nursing homes also usually accept Medicaid while Assisted living is generally private pay.

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