What We Do

We provide love and care for the ones you love…

Granny’s Place is a private facility established to assist in the daily care of your loved one.  Recognizing such a need in our own family inspired us with a desire to pamper others the way we want our loved ones pampered.  We identify with the concerns of each resident and provide individualized care custom to their individual needs.  you can be assured that your family member is getting excellent care from a loving environment.  From the day they move in, our home becomes their home…

Why we started

Just like you I had one of my closest loved ones in need of care, my mom.  She was getting up in age and we decided to move her in with us.  As time progressed and our family size increased and her health started  to diminish we decided it was time for mom and I to have a talk.  We decided that with her health decreasing she needed more attention than we could give with crazy work schedules and what seemed to be kids everywhere there was just no time to make sure she was taken care of with the type of attention she was starting to need.  She agreed it was best that we find a place that she would feel comfortable in that felt like she was at home and not some “facility”.  After months of searching I found a place that for looked really good so we took mom there and she liked it.  I started to notice that the looks were deceiving and started the search for a better place.  The problem was that all those places just didn’t give me the feeling of just going to visit my mom.  The kids would ask if they could go to granny’s place but when we would visit it never felt comfortable.  It sparked the idea that if I couldn’t find the care I wanted for my mom I would have to do it myself!  Before we got everything up and running the way I wanted and had the people in place that I was comfortable with we found a REALLY wonderful place for my mom to call home but I thought about it and didn’t want other people to have to go through the same kind of heart ache and paid my family had to endure during the process and with that Granny’s Place was born!


What we do

We not only wanted to provide top notch care for my mom but wanted to help others find the same thing for their loved one.  Not only do we have a home for your loved one but we also give you great tips to find the best place for your families needs.  Lets face it,  there are people in every state looking to make sure they have great care for someone and while we cant accommodate everyone specifically we want to make sure you are armed with the tools necessary to find the best place for your loved one to call home.